A rising star: Maureen Forbah

A great preacher said “we consume more news than we do the word” and that means we keep our eyes on what is going on around us and in turn, we get more confused and hurt because we don’t have the answers! WE DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS.. but there is one who is the wisdom of the wise he has all the answers! We encourage you therefore to keep your eyes on Him.. and don’t look down on what is going on. He is faithful to save us and restore us! He will make it alright again!.

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Maureen Forbah, with birth name Princess Forbah Maureen Fulepeyah is a 22 Year old, born and raised in Bamenda – Cameroon, into a family of 5 girls, as the last child to a Nigerian mom and Cameroonian father (Mr and Mrs Forbah). Growing up in a family of worshippers, she started singing at age 12. She later Joined a local Gospel Band  »Flames Choir » where she confidently and faithfully served for 10 years and still serves till date, has been the main foundation for her ministry.

I look up to the hills is a Contemporary Worship song. The word content and musical arrangements depicts the culture of mainstream Contemporary worship dating back 50 years. Maureen Forbah pours out her heart and channels her emotion in passing out the message of the song. “I want everyone who hears this song to remove their attention from people and things because the Bible assures us that the arm of flesh WILL fail us but God has never failed and will never fail

The Video shows us the life of a Young Lady who is persecuted by her dad for her Faith. She is sent out of the House and as a result she goes to work that day late hence missing out on a big contact deal. Her Boss in his frustration, fires her and she is stranded by the roadside. While Singing and Worshipping God, help came and her story Changed. I will Fix my Eyes on God for that is where my Help comes from.


Maureen Forbah is more and more visible in the media landscape of Cameroonian gospel. She is among the 5 most prominent gospel artists according to the Happy people label. She has just released the clip « i look up to the hills » which is in rotation on trace gospel and other national and international channels. She also just did a very high caliber live on Bimstr which was seen by thousands of people.

Follow this artist on her different social networks, her titles are real hymns and her talent has no equal. A real blessing for our country Cameroon, we wish her to go from glory to glory.

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